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Chris Weldon

Being lost amid the huge crowd of New Jersey, little did my small soul know, I’d end up someday as a master of something. Something that matters to me, something I’ve always cared about, something that defines me. Hi! I’m Chris Weldon. This is my story.

Let’s just say I wasn’t born in an ideal home. My parents would fight all the time, raising red flags all over our town. The neighbors also didn’t want us there. 

We didn’t have much money for me to finish college. But that never killed my spirit. I would often fly away so far from home to fix appliances and make a small living. Eventually, I solved calculus and finished college with a Bachelor’s in Mechanical Engineering.

Exactly why did I leave my home?

I left home and moved to Seattle to pursue my passion. There I met Mr. Henry, an experienced appliance repair technician, who changed my life…He taught me about electronic appliances from scratch. He taught me things that college didn’t. I understood how things really work right from his eyes.

Eventually, I focused on appliances- all sorts of appliances, you name it! Electrical, gas, vented, or even those latest appliances…I could diagnose any of them any day, any time. Sequentially, I learned how to unlock Pandora’s box by troubleshooting them all.

Why did I decide to work for other brands?

In the beginning, I could do all of those for any Whirlpool product. With the help of Mr. Henry, I started to tackle other brands too. Slowly but surely, I realized other brand appliances are essentially identical to each other. Only the design and branding distinguish them from one another. 

After a few tries, I grasped how to fix other brands’ appliances as well. Ultimately, I could diagnose and troubleshoot dryers from any brand the market offered. One important thing to note here is that I learned all these in my 20s. It was an amazing journey. 

I spent more than 17 years going to people’s households and fixing their dryers. I absolutely loved it. I think the main reason behind this dedication was my passion for the job. To be frank, it was never really a job for me; just some beautiful tricks I learned from Mr. Henry.

What made me start this blog?

However, life is full of surprises. Things changed when I got married. My wife and I would move back to Baltimore, where we’d be blessed with our son, Riley. So, I took a break from work to watch Riley grow. Nevertheless, I didn’t want to sit idle. So, I decided to write.

In the end, I came up with this website. Here, I’ve portrayed all the typical problems appliance users face with their machines. I’ve focused on DIY fixes that your local appliance repair technician is hiding from you.

I’ll be sharing my experiences here while working on different appliance projects. If you’re one of my old customers, you already know about this website. I really hope the new audience can also find my content useful. I promise I’ll return very soon. Until then, happy DIY fixing!

Feel free to ask me questions about repairs.

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