Ge Vs Samsung Refrigerator

Ge Vs Samsung Refrigerator – Which Is The Best?

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After shifting to my new home, my home kitchen and household became busier. With a family of 5 members and a new one to come, the current refrigerator seemed too small to meet our expectations. Thus, I had to search for a new smart appliance that is big and perfect for my family.

Finally, I found my choice stuck between the Ge vs Samsung refrigerator. They were the best refrigerator brands I could find amid the dominance of Whirlpool. But I needed only one machine with a top freezer and outstanding features.

So, it is evident for me to pick one among the Samsung vs. GE cooling appliances. And at last, I got the best brand for myself that is still serving me for three years without any disturbances. Let me share the Wholout experiences in detail.

What I think

Without any explanation, let me get straight to the verdict of the Ge vs Samsung refrigerator.

I chose the GE french door fridge model because its space, cooling facility, bottom freezer, controlling, stainless steel finishes, counter-depth, etc., seemed more favorable than the Samsung one.

Also, the overall price point feature of the appliances seemed better to me than the Samsung one. I could also keep it in my kitchen and my dining table side by side. As a result, I went on to get it.

Samsung vs GE refrigerator comparison table

While making a great comparison between the two models of refrigerators, I noticed some vital differences in specific sectors. I made a chart to see their significant differences through a table.

FunctionsSamsung RefrigeratorGE refrigerator
Water DispenserYesYes
Ice MakerYesYes
Fast CoolingYesYes
WIFI ConnectivityYesYes
Fridge to FreezerYesNo
Custom Drawer Temp. ControlNoYes
Stainless Steel sidesNoYes
PriceLess ExpensiveMore Expensive

Samsung vs GE refrigerators: 10 factors to consider

Samsung vs GE refrigerators factors

Pondering over the two brands’ products, I found ten main vital points that make the brands compete. Let’s start with them serially.

1. Brewing

Samsung Refrigerators

You’ll get a pitcher inside the machine. Fill the pitcher with water. You can add some additives like tea or tea bags to it. Insert the pitcher in its place and let the brewing function do the job.

GE refrigerators

The GE model comes with a brewer. Insert a K cup pod inside the brewer and rest it with the dispenser. Select your desired amount and hold the button for 3 seconds. And, you get the drink brewed by your GE fridge.

2. Auto Filling of water

Samsung refrigerators

The Samsung refrigerator’s auto-fill water function works nice. All you have to do is fill the pitcher with water and let it cool. Take the glass and set the ounce you want the pitcher to provide.

GE refrigerators

With the GE refrigerators, you get to fill your desired amount of water without worrying too much. Just leave the glass on the fridge water glass shelves dispenser, set the amount, and let the fridge fill it.

3. Door Modification

Samsung refrigerators

There are variations in the doors of the Samsung refrigerator door. The icebox, as well as the fridge side, generates a lot of open space. You get to see some drawers side by side in them. There are bottom freezers for water bottles and jars.

GE refrigerators

The energy star doors of the GE door fridge are modified with a movable door inside the refrigerator. Once you open the main entrance of the fridge, you get to see another entry that brings you bottom freezers for keeping bottles and jars.

4. Monitoring with phone

Samsung refrigerators

Managing the Samsung cooler chest has become easier than ever. Like many other intelligent refrigerators, you get to maintain the device using your phone. The fridges can be accessed via Wi-Fi, and then you get to sync it with its app. There, you get to manage all its temperature controls, conditions, etc.

GE refrigerators

You can easily monitor the refrigerators with your phone. All you have to do is download the software and connect it to your phone. There, you get to set and manage all the stuff in the fridge.

5. Temperature Adjusting Drawer

Samsung refrigerators

When you keep things in the drawer, it remains at a suitable temperature from the outside. Also, you get to manage the temperature inside the temperature. Keep in mind; that the food in the refrigerator compartment will generate a little more weather than the outer side.

GE refrigerators

The GE fridge drawers and compartments are temperature adjustable to keep your fruits and other ingredients at eye level. You get to set your desired temperature for the inner part of the drawer. Also, you can customize the condition of the freezer drawer.

Samsung vs GE refrigerator comparison

6. Giving Alerts

Samsung refrigerators

Alerts in Samsung model refrigerators are pretty concise. You won’t be notified a lot too much about it. You have to find the internal blockages, coil malfunctioning, etc., by the functioning of the fridge.

GE refrigerators

When your fridge is acting abnormally, the internal sensor will give you proper signals to deal with it. This includes any high temperature, coil and wire blockings, interior water fillings, the door kept open, and a dirty filter.

7. Supply of Hot Water

Samsung refrigerators

You get to have the hot water coming from the product when you are up for brewing. Other than that, you won’t have any kind of advantages or pre-scheduled water warming.

GE refrigerators

You can schedule a hot water provision for the machine. Just make a schedule out of it through your phone. You won’t see any kind of compromise in the hotness of the water as a cooler.

8. Ice maker control

Samsung refrigerators

It is pretty simple to make ice out of your Samsung model freezer fridge unit. Just fill water in the ice-making section. Configure the instruction manual and get the ice in the water and ice dispenser.

GE refrigerators

GE refrigerators have all the functions to make ice in them. All you have to do is to command the operation. Turn on the switch and let the machine function accordingly. It will keep on making ice unless you turn it.

9. Fridge to freezer conversion

Samsung refrigerators

You get to avail yourself of the functioning of the freezer in its fridge part too. With the buttons on the device, you can customize the fridge temperature and turn it into a freezer. Initially, a separate freezing station in the fridge ranges up to -2-degree Fahrenheit.

GE refrigerators

The GE refrigerator has the freezer and fridge parts in it. They are separated for things to remain isolated and accordingly. The temperature of the freezer remains between -6-to-8-degree Fahrenheit.

10. Display & Buttons

Samsung refrigerators

You get to avail of an LED screen with high functioning fingerprint-resistant stainless steel buttons in the Samsung freezer pack. Still, the display won’t always give you a clear distinction regarding the internal conditions of the fridge. It takes time to update and display.

GE refrigerators

The GE fridges show you the temperature it is currently working at with an LED display. There are some touchable switches for temperature control. You get to manage the temperature through the rules.

2 of my Favorite Samsung and GE Refrigerator Models

Among so many models, I have found the best and most reliable features in two GE and Samsung french door refrigerator models. They are the Samsung RF28R7351SG and GE GNE27JYMFS.

1. Samsung RF28R7351SG

When my priority was to have a practical and spacious refrigerator, I couldn’t resist my eyes from the Samsung RF28R7351SG. Its size and internal designs, water dispenser, and functions are suitable for many food ingredients. What separated it from the other Samsung products are its versatile built-ins and considerable counter depth. You get to avail yourself of all the stuff you want from an intelligent freezer refrigerator.


  1. The food remains fully stable owing to the controllable temperature.
  2. A pitcher is included for auto-filling of the water.
  3. Cools the water within a short period.
  4. Can hold ice up to 4.2 lbs.
  5. Divides the portion to maintain the fridge to freezer characteristics when needed.
  6. Has four doors (2 for the fridge and 2 for the freezer) with robust door handles. They are the easiest to maintain, clean, and use.


  1. Can be regulated with wifi
  2. The buttons are very friendly and suitable for use
  3. Preserves your fruits and vegetables specifically inside the drawers


  1. The water-cooling configuration changes if not reconfigured in a while
  2. You’ll have to dig ice from the back of the ice-maker now and then

The machine is one of the best if you are looking for all the features of an intelligent freezer refrigerator in it. Its design and style are also top-notch. At times, you can find difficulties with the size of the appliance. As it covers pretty big dimensions, you need to have a lot of space. In this case, you can go with Samsung RF23M8070SR which is a usual French door fridge.


After looking over different models of the GE, I saw the GNE27JYMFS, the best refrigerator going entirely for home, kitchen, and household purposes. It is a French door refrigerator with all the qualities of an intelligent appliance. The refrigerator got a sufficient counter depth with a high-functioning bottom freezer. This freezing machine has door bins with its fridge door for ice cream lovers like me.


  1. The water filtration system is enabled with RPWFE technology.
  2. You’ll be notified and displayed about your works and temperatures on an LED display
  3. The craft ice maker takes up a tiny portion of space. This leaves a lot of room for your other stuff.
  4. The body, along with the handles, is entirely made up of a black stainless steel energy star certified design.
  5. The drawers maintain the perfect humidity of the foodstuff kept inside them.


  1. Has the feature of any signal more accurately.
  2. Do not take many dimensions to cover
  3. It has the best turbo cooling facility that turns the cold water fast


  1. The shelves are not anchored to the side of the doors
  2. The door dip needs to be handled properly. Or else, it’ll break

Frequently Asked Questions

1. Which refrigerator brand is most reliable?

Among so many brands globally, the GE brand seemed to be the best to be reliable and purchasable besides Whirlpool.

2. What brand of refrigerator lasts the longest?

The whirlpool brand seemed to last and serve the longest to its users from the recent study and research. Side by side, the GE refrigerator models are also satisfying.

3. Do French door refrigerators have more problems?

As there is more feasibility in using French door refrigerators, you’ll have to face more problems when it gets broken.

4. Does Samsung still manufacture GE refrigerators?

Samsung stopped manufacturing GE refrigerators a couple of years ago. Currently, they only manufacture their refrigerators.

5. Are Samsung refrigerators good quality?

There is no doubt regarding the quality and function of the Samsung refrigerator. Its style, design, operation, lasting, and space make it an ideal choice for anyone.

Final Verdict

A great battle between the Ge vs Samsung refrigerator has been done amid buying my new cooling unit for my home. I must say, I have covered many sections where you can know about the brands with ease. Also, make sure to look over the brands to avoid them. Hopefully, I’ll write it on another day, but the stated comparison will tell you a lot about it.

It is not apparent that you have to buy the same fridge as mine. If you find any Samsung family hub to be better, just go for it! Just pick the best refrigerator and bring the joy of happiness to your family.

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