how to clean dryer vent on roof

How to Clean Dryer Vent on Roof? (7 Step Guide!)

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Recently, I ran into a problem that astounded me and my wife. Being an appliance repair technician, I really couldn’t figure out what was causing my dryer to not work properly. After thinking about the problem in-depth, I found solutions that seemed very farfetched and tough to accomplish.

After cracking open the dryer and checking it properly, I learned that I needed to clean my roof vent. But then again you might be wondering, how to clean dryer vent on roof? The solution is rather simple. You might need to remove the flex vent, or you might need to clean the wall vent from the outside. Whatever you might need to do, you will need proper roof dryer vent cleaning tools to help you with your job.

In this article, I will run through what you will need, the signs your dryer vent might need cleaning, getting to the roof safely, and instructions to help you clean your roof safely!

Tools You Need to Clean Dryer Vent on Roof

Some tools are going to make the job easier for you. The tools are:

7 Steps to Properly Clean Your Dryer Vent

Properly Clean Your Dryer Vent

If you search the internet for how to clean the dryer vent on the roof, you will come across multiple references. But a clogged vent on the rooftop can be cleaned very easily by following the ways below:

  1. Remove the flex vent
  2. Clean the wall vent from the inside
  3. Vacuum the lint from the vent
  4. Clean the vent with the help of a leaf blower
  5. Accessing the roof, cleaning the vent
  6. Verify airflow
  7. Using a brush to clean the dryer vent

Step by Step Guide On How To Clean Dryer Vent On Roof

1. Remove the flex vent

The underlying advance for cleaning your dryer vent is to pull back the dryer vent and discard the flexible vent, assuming you are searching for how to clean your dryer vent that goes on the housetop. Unlike the flex vent on a washer, the flex vent goes from the back of the dryer toward the divider.

Water seething and all the associated development is intended to be channeled through the flex vent to a sewerage structure outside the home. A blocked flex vent can cause serious issues with your dryer, so it is important to similarly clean your flex vent if it’s clogged.

To begin cleaning it, you will need to identify whether it contains substantially flammable materials, garbage, openings, or other irregularities. Similarly, at times, dryers could crush this vent. Guarantee that isn’t smashed behind the dryer. Expecting it can’t avoid being, it could cause restricted breeze current.


To clean your flex vent, you must do the following:-

  1. Unscrew the metal clamps with a screwdriver and remove the vent.
  2. Remove any aluminum foil tape that might be attached.
  3. Clean the flex vent with a vacuum and clear it of any lints and dirt that might have been accumulated within it.

2. Start cleaning inside out for the wall vent

The ensuing development in cleaning your dryer vent is to clean the inside divider with a dryer vent cleaning gadget. The dryer vent cleaning instrument has involved a movement of interconnected plastic posts. A nylon brush association is in like manner included close to the end.

So what is this gadget? This gadget is related to a cordless drill, and it is installed into the dryer channel. Since you’ll hear and feel an accident when the dryer vent cleaning instrument shows up on the rooftop, you’ll know when it’s done. The dryer vent cleaning is striking the roof cover, which causes the unexpected stop.


To clean the wall vent from the inside, follow the steps below:-

  1. Move bit by bit up the vent with the dryer vent cleaning mechanical assembly
  2. Brush the sides of the dryer vent to loosen up the development.
  3. Endeavor and go up past what many would think about conceivable with the help of the contraption.
  4. Go all over different times to clean your dryer vent from the inside.

3. Clean lint from the vent

When you clean the dryer vent from the inside, all the lint falls to the bottom if you have a vent that goes to the ceiling. Your dryer vent plays a very crucial role in your home. It allows the air in your dryer to circulate properly. You will notice that the heated and polluted air within the dryer will leave smoothly. Dryer vents thus get dirty very easily. The lints must be removed before the dryer can be used efficiently. To help with this, you must use a dryer vent cleaning tool.


The development should have gotten together at the lower part of the channel when you dispose of the dryer vent cleaning instrument from the vent. You should have the choice to reach in and wipe out the development with your hand, which might be a couple of unassuming packs.

Following the development removal, I recommend continuing with the tidying and developing clearing movement until no more development tumbles down.

4. Access the roof to clean the vent

It anticipates that you should genuinely get on the housetop to clean the dryer vent. Benevolently don’t try this accepting your roof is particularly steep, and tall, then again if you feel very off-kilter bouncing on the roof. Find a confirmed roofer who can work safely on the roof. To get to the roof safely, you ought to consent to the prosperity wellbeing measures and rules while rising a ladder.

Attempt to have genuine gloves and shoes, and attempt to have a ladder security harness to hold yourself back from hurting yourself if you fall. That being said, when you are on your roof, you can keep on cleaning the housetop in front of any trash and guarantee the flapper is working suitably.


Upon getting to the top of the house, insert the dryer vent cleaning mechanical assembly, and make sure to reach the upper section of the dryer vent. Damage should go down the vent after you hit or scratch it. If you hit it, it will begin to die.

5. Verify airflow using the leaf blower

In this solution, you can verify whether your vents are clogged by using a leaf blower to blow inside the vent. By examining whether the airflow is weak or missing, you can decide whether your dryer vent is clogged or not. This can also be done with the help of a leaf blower. Also, the duct in the attic may be disconnected, which is easy to check by looking in the attic.


To clean a dryer vent, start by detecting where the dryer in your house is placed. In your case, it might be placed on the rooftop. Once you have recognized your dryer exhaust vent, take a look inside for any blockages caused by a build-up of lint. If there are any build-ups, disconnect the dryer from the power source and remove any metal clamps or tapes with the help of screwdrivers.

With the help of a vacuum, clean the vent of lint or other specks of dirt. If required, attach your vent cleaning kit with a brush and push the brush as far back up as possible. This will cause any lints to fall, cleaning your dryer vent.

6. Using a brush to clean the dryer vent

In this step, you can use a brush to help you clean your dryer vent. Cleaning the dryer vent using a wire brush might be difficult. It can, however, give you the immediate benefits of a clean vent. Some of the brushes even come with drill attachments so that you don’t have to struggle to get the brush all the way through the vent. There are two advantages to using a wire brush with extension rods.

They are simple to use and can pull the lint out quite simply and efficiently. The wire brush’s sole disadvantage, when used with extensions, is that they might become trapped. Fortunately, if you use common sense and avoid pushing the brush and extensions into the vent, you should have a lot of success.


First, you will need to find out where the dryer vent is in order to clean it. It is highly likely to be placed on your rooftop. So, after you have successfully recognized where your dryer exhaust vent goes, you will need to examine the blockages and build-ups caused by lints and other dirt. If you detect any sort of build-ups, you will need to power down your dryer.

Then start by removing the clamps of metal and tapes using your handy screwdriver. Using a brush stuck to a dryer vent cleaning kit, pull out all the lint you can get your hands on. Simultaneously, keep pushing the brush as far up to take out more lint. Doing so will cause any lint stuck to the vent to fall out.

7. Cleaning the dryer vent cap

Your dryer vent has a cap for many different reasons. The cap protects the vent from birds, pests, rain, and blowing debris or dirt. The cap also restricts the build-up of lint within your dryer vent, making it easier to clean. Like lint and dust on the inside of the house, lint and dust will build up around the house’s perimeter at the dryer vent cap. Excess lint build-up can sometimes be so serious that an entire vent can become clogged. It will not be a surprise if your garments are still moist after many drying cycles in this situation.


To clean the vent cap, remove it from the outside of the home and vacuum the area around it until it is clean. Take the cap and pluck out any hair or lint that might have caused the lint build-up. This is especially true in a household with a lot of girls when long hair gets into the laundry and is blasted out the dryer vent.

Check the vent cap to determine whether it needs to be changed once all the undesired items have been removed from the surrounding region. Dryer vent caps are your first line of defense against birds and rats making a home in your dryer vent. It’s time to replace the vent cover now that everything is working properly.

Signs Your Dryer Vent on the Roof Needs Maintenance

Many signs might indicate that a dryer might need maintenance or cleaning. These signs might include the following:

1. Clothes take too long to dry

A clogged or dirty vent dryer might take a longer time than necessary to dry clothes. This is one of the first and most obvious signs as the proper airflow of the vent is hampered. This causes the dryers to take longer time than necessary to dry clothes.

2. Clothes are hot when touched

Due to the restricted airflow within your dryer, the clothes remain hot and damp. This happens because the lint and dirt within the dryer vent restrict airflow within your dryer.

3. Your room is warmer than normal

Overheating your dryer vent might cause your laundry room to become warmer than usual. The reason is due to restricted airflow within your dryer as the vent is blocked.

4. Dryer stops working

Your dryer will automatically stop working due to overheating. If this happens, you might need to clear out your dryer vent.

5. Laundry smells of burns

You might smell a burning fragrance. This might happen due to a blocked air vent in your dryer. If this happens, you might need to take a look at your dryer vent.

How to Get on the Roof Safely

Although climbing your ladder and getting to your roof might seem easy, there are safety precautions you must follow to avoid falling. These precautions include the following:

1. Ladder precautions

Before you get onto your ladder, you must dress up properly. You must wear proper shoes with a strong grip to avoid slipping. Also, watch out for the weather. Avoid climbing to your roof if it is raining.

2. Setting up the ladder properly

Choose the flattest spot on the ground to place your ladder. Make sure your ladder is 3 feet higher than your roof limit and pace the ladder correctly and firmly onto the ground.

3. Climbing the ladder

If you can, ask someone to hold the ladder firmly while you climb onto your roof. Make sure to have either both hands and one foot or both feet and one hand on the ladder.

4. Moving onto the roof

You must be sure to never step up over the ladder. While stepping off, make sure to hold the ladder firmly and smoothly move towards your roof. 

Tips to Help You Maintain Your Dryer Vent

It is critical to be proactive in your maintenance on a daily basis with everything in your home. Any future troubles with any electrical equipment will be minimized as a result of this. The same goes for your dryers.

The most important thing you can do is inspect your dryer’s lint grate. This should be done before putting any items in the dryer. This lint trap is simple to clean. It can be cleaned by detaching it and using a leaf blower or a vacuum cleaner to clean it. This will save you a lot of time in the future.

It’s also a good idea to vacuum around the dryer to ensure that no debris gets into the vent and causes a fire. If you sense a fire starting, turn off the power right away. Because dryer sheets leak chemicals into the dryer vent, only use one at a time. Finally, air drying sheets and pillows are suggested to avoid producing additional lint that might clog dryer vents.

When to Call a Professional?

Oftentimes, roof vent cleaning services and professionals might be your best course of action. But you must know when to call in a service to your house. If your roof is too steep or if you are uncomfortable climbing a ladder and accessing your roof, it might be best to call in a professional. 

The second thing to consider is the build material of your roof. If it is made of tiles or slate, there might be a hazard of slipping. So, it might be best to call in a professional to help you clean your rooftop dryer vent.


1. How do you clean a dryer vent that goes through the roof?

To clean a dryer vent that goes through the roof, remove the flex vent of your dryer and clean it. Another way might be to clean the wall vent from the outside.

2. How much does it cost to clean the dryer vent on the roof?

The average cost of cleaning a dryer is around $80 to $185. But a dryer vent that goes to the roof will cost a lot more, almost on an average of $150 to $250.

3. Do dryer vents go to the roof?

Most dryer vents are located on the side of the house rather than on the roof, and the exit should be as close to the ground as possible. Lint buildup can be caused by a dryer vent that runs through the roof. Lint buildup can impede airflow and diminish the effectiveness of your dryer. If left unattended for too long, it might pose a fire hazard.

4. Why does my roof dryer vent keep getting clogged?

Your dryer vent keeps getting clogged due to an excess build-up of lint and other dirt. There are many steps and precautions by which you can clean your clogged dryer vents.

5. How do you clean roof vents?

You can clean your roof vents by accessing the roof using a ladder and cleaning it manually with the help of a brush, vacuum, or even a leaf blower.

6. How do you tell if your dryer vent is clogged?

One of the most obvious signs is that clothes take too long to dry. This is caused by a build-up of lint within the vent. As a result, your dryer might take a longer time than necessary to dry clothes.


After running into a few problems with our dryer, I realized that I needed to clean our dryer properly. I could not figure out how to clean dryer vent on roof and so I got ahead and bought a few necessary tools to access the roof.

Just like a baby, your dryer needs to be loved and cleaned. If not, an excess build-up of lints might cause it damage and ultimately stop it from functioning at all. To prevent this, you will need to do a regular maintenance check.

While cleaning our dryer vent, I realized that not only me but many people every year might face such problems. And so with my previous knowledge of dryers and their problems, I have compiled a list of solutions to help you access the roof safely, and clean the vents with the necessary types of equipment.

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