how to replace a belt on a whirlpool dryer

how to replace a belt on a whirlpool dryer? (Quickly & Easily!)

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Lately, my whirlpool dryer has been squeaking a lot, especially when handling heavy laundry. After some research, I learned these are telltale signs of a worn-out belt. It was a clear indication that my dryer needed a new belt. During this time, the dryer makes loud thumping and squeaking noises during the drying cycles. 

Obviously, the dryer needed a new belt. So, the big question is how to replace a belt on a whirlpool dryer? You can replace a belt on a Whirlpool dryer by turning off the dryer, removing the lint filter, and separating the dryer top from the body. You should see the drum and belt once the dryer top pops out. Remove the old belt from the drum and slide in the new belt with the grooved side facing inward.

Once the new dryer is in place, reassemble the dryer and plug it in. You can always refer to the whirlpool dryer belt replacement diagram found in the manual. I managed to replace the belt, and so can you. Here is what to do.

Step by step guide on how to replace a belt on a whirlpool dryer

replace dryer belt

Below, I discuss simple steps to follow when replacing a whirlpool dryer belt. They are relatively simple steps that can get your dryer running smoothly. But first, let’s get down to the tools you will need.

Tools You Need To Replace A Belt On A Whirlpool Dryer

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Steps To Follow To Replace A Belt On A Whirlpool Dryer

Replace A Belt On A Whirlpool Dryer

Step 1: Unplug The Dryer

The first step is a safe one when you need to disconnect the power. Ensure the dryer is disconnected from all power sources and off. You might have to move the dryer a few inches from the wall and unplug it. This is a crucial step that applies to all appliance repairs.

Step 2: Remove The Lint Filter

Using a 5/16th nut socket, remove the lint filter. This will reveal two screws. You need to remove the two screws to remove the dryer top. You can always refer to your manual for proper whirlpool belt location. For example, the belt is found on the right-hand corner of most Whirlpool dryers. Remove the two screws and place them inside the container for safe storage.

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Step 3: Pop Out The Dryer Top

Use a putty knife to remove the top cover of the dryer. Now that the two screws are off, place the putty knife on the opening between the front of the dryer and the top of the dryer. Gently pop out the top of the dryer on both sides. You can start from one corner and move the knife slowly on both corners. The dryer top should flip out, giving you access to the dryer inside from the top.

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Step 4: Release The Dryer Front

Next, you need to remove the front of the machine. Start by undoing the hex-nut bolts, which are located at the top corners. Use a nut driver to remove them. Have someone to help you support the drum, which should come out of the front panel.

However, before removing the drum, you need to disconnect all electrical connections on the front door. Once the screws and electrical connections are removed, lift the front cover and pull it out. This is where you need someone supporting the drum.

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Step 5: Pull Out The Old Belt

Now that the dryer interior is exposed and you’ve accessed the drum pull out the old belt. The belt is usually visible at this stage. You can take time and observe its condition before removing it. If it is broken, go ahead and remove it from the drum. In some cases, the belt might still be attached to the drum. Use a utility knife to cut it.

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Step 6: Vacuum The Drum

This step is unnecessary but one you can consider doing now that you have the drum apart. After all, the drum can accumulate a lot of dirt. Once you have the drum out, vacuum it and remove any dirt accumulated over the years.

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Step 7: Put On The New Belt

You can now put on the new belt around the drum. Let the extra person helping you hold the drum. Place the belt over the entire drum. Make sure the grooved side faces inward towards the drum while the flat side faces outside. Once the belt is around the drum, you need to move underneath the drum where the motor and idler pulley are located.

Carefully place the belt through the idler pulley and attach it to the motor. Check the whirlpool dryer belt tensioner and ensure the belt fits perfectly. When the entire process is done correctly, the idler pulley needs to apply tension to the belt. You can always refer to the whirlpool dryer belt diaphragm.

Lastly, make sure you check the rear felt on the drum back and ensure the belt has not folded. You only need to reassemble the dryer when everything is correctly in place.

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Step 8: Reassemble The Dryer

Finally, you’ve made it and replaced the old damaged belt on your whirlpool dryer. Now it’s time to reassemble the dryer back and start doing your laundry. Go ahead and fit the drum back to the rim on the front panel before sliding it into the dryer. Fix the two hex-nut bolts that held it together.

Swing the top and front of the dryer back and screw them. You can finish everything by plugging the dryer back and starting to dry clothes again.
Generally, how to replace belts on a whirlpool front load dryer should be the same as most whirlpool dryer models.

Frequently Asked Questions

1. How Much Does It Cost To Replace A Belt On A Whirlpool Dryer?

A new whirlpool dryer belt costs around $10-$40. You also need to get a few essential tools that add the cost to replace the belt. If you hire a professional, you need to add labor costs of around $175 to $295, depending on the dryer model and location.

2. How Do I Change The Belt On My Front Load Dryer?

You can change the belt on the front load dryer by lifting the lid and removing the front cover to access the belt. Next, you need to cut and remove the old belt before placing a new one. Once the new belt is in place, set the drum back into the dryer and reassemble it.

3. Is It Worth Repairing A Dryer?

It is worth repairing a dryer as a few components might be damaged. The overall repair costs will be way small compared to the cost of buying a brand new dryer. This is true, especially when the dryer breaks when still legally new. Unless a dryer is ancient, repairing is cost-effective and makes sense.

4. How Do You Know If A Dryer Belt Is Bad?

You can know if a dryer belt is terrible when the dryer stops working before clothes dry, there are squeaking noises, belt noises, or when the belt won’t turn. Once you experience these signs, you can open the dryer and physically observe the belt for signs of damage. A broken dryer is usually broken, thin, and worn out.

5. How Hard Is It To Replace A Dryer Belt?

Replacing a dryer belt is quite simple and easy to do without any professional help. While you can still hire a technician, the process is simple and easy to do. You just need to get a new belt and a few tools to open the dryer, fix the new belt, and reassemble the dryer.

6. What Causes A Dryer Belt To Break?

The turning of the dryer around the drum causes wear and tear with age. Eventually, the dryer thins and wears out, making it break.
The excessive stress from daily turning puts a lot of pressure on the belt, weakening it over time.


Generally, most Whirlpool dryer problems can be solved at home without hiring a professional. Now you know how to replace a belt on a whirlpool dryer on your own. The process is relatively easy when you have the right tools and know the steps to follow. Typically, you need a whirlpool dryer manual, a few tools, and a new belt. Once you open the dryer and replace the belt, your dryer will run smoothly without any squeaking noises.

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