Samsung Dryer BE Code

Samsung dryer bE Code [Error Code FIXED!]

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A couple of days back, after I came back from the office my wife told me our Samsung dryer was not working properly. She told me the display panel shows the code. As a result, the dryer was not working properly. I got a little tense as we could not afford to get professional help at that time. 

But as I have previous experience in appliance repair, I brainstormed some of my past works. The bE error code is a very common thing to happen to dryers. So, it is easily fixable without getting professional help.

Wondering why this Samsung dryer bE code error is occurring? The most common answer to this error is if some button is continuously pressed and stuck. Therefore, the Samsung dryer bE code appears on the panel. Nothing to worry about, this error is easily fixable!

So, thinking of how to fix this error? Turn off the dryer and touch and release each button on the panel one by one, moving back and forth to cover all edges of each button. In case this error still appears, this guide provides troubleshooting solutions for code errors in a dryer and will assist you in resolving the issue. 

What Is the Meaning of a bE Error Code?

Are you thinking about what the bE error code actually means? The button is represented by the letter ‘b.’ The abbreviation ‘bE’ stands for ‘button Error’. If this code appears on the display of your dryer, the dryer is informing you that a button is stuck. It is one of the common codes of Samsung dryer error symbols. This happens when you press a button too many times or too hard, which results in getting stuck. And as the button is stuck, the dryer will not operate properly. 

List of the Problems causing bE Error code

Samsung Dryer Faulty door switch

The causes for a bE error code showing on your display are as follows: 

  1. Stuck button
  2. Faulty door switch

Step-by-step solution to Samsung dryer bE code

1. Stuck button

One of the reasons your Samsung dryer is throwing the code BE is if a button is stuck. When this happens, your dryer will not function properly.


This is a very easy problem to fix. No worries! Just press or wiggle every button in the dryer until the stuck button is loosened. Once the button is not stuck anymore the bE error code will go away, and your Samsung dryer should start working normally again.

2. Faulty door switch

When the Samsung dryer door switch is faulty, it will send bE error code to the control board to stop the dryer. The dryer will not start while the door is closed if the door switch fails.


Open the dryer door and press the door switch lever to rapidly test the door switch. The door switch is faulty if the dryer drum light stays on. If this is the case the switch needs to be replaced. In order to replace the door switch, the instructions are as follows: 

  1. Turn off the dryer- unplug the main switch. 
  2. Remove the lint screen from the dryer- it has to be removed from the dryer’s top panel housing.
  3. Pull up the top panel- Push a putty knife beneath the lid towards the left and right corners of the front of the dryer to loosen the clamps that hold the top of the dryer in place. Raise the top and secure it against the dryer’s back wall.
  4. Disconnect the cable harness for the door switch- Release the locking tab on the wire harness plug for the door switch with a slot screwdriver. Remove the wire harness and disconnect it.
  5. Remove the door switch- Remove the current door switch’s mounting screws. Remove the dryer’s door switch and lay it aside for trash.
  6. Replace the door switch- Install the replacement door switch and tighten the mounting screws.
  7.  Connect new switch harness- Connect the new switch’s wire harness to the connection connector. Check to see if the locking tab is engaged.
  8. Put the dryer back together- Lower the top panel and secure it with a click. Reinstall the lint duct housing screws as well as the lint screen.
  9. Reconnect the dryer’s power source.
  10. Connect the dryer to a wall outlet- Turn on the gas supply to the dryer if it’s a gas dryer.


1. What does bE2 mean on a Samsung dryer?

If a button on the panel is detected as stuck or constantly pressed, this code appears.

2. How do I reset the code on my Samsung dryer?

To reset a Samsung dryer, simply unplug or switch off the dryer’s power and wait for the electrical charge to discharge from the dryer. This should take anything from one to five minutes.

3. How do you fix error codes on Samsung dryers?

First, figure out what is the meaning of the error code. Then steps need to be taken accordingly to fix it.

4. How do I read my Samsung dryer code?

The bE code indicates that a button has been pressed repeatedly. The “d” codes refer to issues with doors. The Et error code indicates that the dryer’s electronic communications have failed. An issue with the power source is indicated by the FE code. The “t” codes indicate a lint clog.

5. What does dE stand for on a dryer?

The dryer door is not entirely closed, resulting in a dE error code.

6. How do you change the thermistor on a Samsung dryer? 

Disconnect the wire harness for the thermistor. Remove the mounting screw and pull the old thermistor out of the blower housing. Replace it with the new thermistor. The screw will keep it in place.


Fixing every problem by taking help from professionals can get very expensive. As you have come to this end of the article, you should have a firm grasp of the Samsung Dryer bE Code and be able to solve them on the spot!

The problems that cause bE error codes are pretty common. So don’t worry these problems are fixable. You just have to go through the article to understand how to solve it properly. These errors are mentioned in the Samsung dryer manual as well.

To fix these problems, the equipment you might need to solve some of the error codes on your Samsung dryer can be easily found on Amazon. Some of the product links have been attached to this article for your easy access.

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