where is model number on whirlpool dryer

Where Is Model Number On Whirlpool Dryer? – Find Now 👀

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When my Whirlpool dryer broke down, I had to replace a few parts. The process seemed effortless. However, when ordering, I was asked about the dryer model number. You need a dryer model and serial number when ordering replacement parts. Until then, I hadn’t known the importance of a serial number on a dryer. My main issue was finding it!

So, where is model number on Whirlpool dryer? You can find the model number by checking on the back of the dryer. The model number can also be found inside the door, on the depression around the rim opening. Open the dryer door and look inside the dryer pocket. There is a depression pocket where the door fits. Inside the depression, you’ll find a rim. The dryer model and serial number are written on a white sticker around the edge.

If you’re in a situation and wondering where the model number on my whirlpool dryer is, then read through as I guide you.

What Is The Dryer Model & Serial Number?

A dryer model and serial number are numbers that provide detailed information about the dryer. The numbers are allocated by manufacturers to specific whirlpool dryer models.

What’s more, these numbers are used as keywords to find specific answers about the specific dryer. You can imagine a dryer serial and model numbers as numbers that uniquely identify the dryer.

Whirlpool makes dryers with similar shared features and a few varying features. The components are usually similar with a few varying details. The dryer model and serial number identify the different dryer models.

In some cases, the Whirlpool serial number might refer to the model number and serial number. In other cases, the model and serial numbers can be different.

Where Is Model Number On Whirlpool Dryer?

Model Number On Whirlpool Dryer

Your model number on a Whirlpool dryer can be found inside a depression around the door rim. Knowing the importance of serial numbers, Whirlpool has made it a lot easier for you to find them. The numbers are usually kept in suitable and sheltered locations inside the dryer door pocket.

First, you need to open the dryer door and look inside the door pocket. The door pocket is a panel with a depression which the door fits into. Inside the rim, you will find your dryer model and serial number. These numbers are written on a white sticker or silver plaque. The model number is usually labeled MOD, MODEL, MODEL NO, or MODEL NUMBER.

You can also find the serial number labeled SER, SERIAL, SERIAL NO, or SERIAL NUMBER. In some dryers, the serial number is marked as S/N. Apart from the model and serial number, you might find other extra information on the sticker. The additional report provides helpful info for dryer maintenance, safety, and emergency.

You can also ask where the model number on the whirlpool gas dryer is? If you can’t find it on the door rim, check it on the warming tray.

What Can You Do With The Dryer Serial Number?

The dryer serial number can help you find the right and precise replacement parts and components. There are a few repairs that can only be done when you have the right replacement parts for the specific dryer model.

A whirlpool model number search online will show you replacement parts that are correct matches for your dryer. Apart from finding the correct replacement parts and components, there is a lot you can do with a dryer serial number. 

Below are some things you can do with a serial number:

Find manuals and guides: You can search online and find manuals and guides for your dryer. The same applies to all appliances. For example, a whirlpool refrigerator model number list brings all whirlpool refrigerator models and their manuals. There are also several archives online that can educate you more about your specific dryer model.

Hidden features: You don’t know several features and have never used them on your dryer. A serial number search online can reveal several hidden features about your dryer.

Easy repair scheduling and consultations: Most technicians will ask more about your dryer when calling for repairs or talks. Giving them the dryer serial number provides the much-needed information to make the right choices. They can schedule repairs fast and give you correct information since they know the specific dryer with issues.

If your dryer runs smoothly for long, you can use it for a lifetime without using the model and serial number. However, knowing the dryer model and serial number is quite beneficial in so many ways.

Sample Model & Serial Number?

Maytag dryer model number

The breakdown of the sample model and serial number above is simple. The MOD stands for the model number MED7230HW0. The SER stands for the serial number MX0604786. The dryer was manufactured in 2000 (X) week 06 and introduced in 2018 (H). You can search online for Whirlpool dryer serial codes to know the year of manufacture.

Frequently Asked Questions

1. Where Do I Find My Dryer Model Number?

Your dryer model number can be found around the door rim on the top right side. However, some dryers have the sticker on the bottom left side.

2. How Do I Find Out What Year My Whirlpool Dryer Is?

You can find your Whirlpool dryer year by reading the second character in the serial numbers. Six serial numbers usually follow two letters. The first two letters tell the year of the dryer.

3. How can I Tell How Old My Dryer Is?

You can tell how old your dryer is by subtracting the current year from the year of manufacturing. First, find the age of the dryer and use it to subtract from the current year. For instance, if the dryer was manufactured in 2011 and the current year is 2021, the dryer is 10 years old.

4. Where Is The Manufacture Date On A Serial Number?

The manufacture dates on a serial number are the first three letters. The first number represents the year while the 2nd and 3rd represent the month.

5. How Long Do Whirlpool Dryers Last?

The average age that Whirlpool dryers last is 13 years.


I hope I’ve answered the question where is model number on whirlpool dryer. You now know the importance of a model and serial number on a Whirlpool dryer. Never waste time explaining yourself to technicians when you can just mention the model and serial number. Dryer serial and model number are more like keywords that identify a specific dryer with ease.

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