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Whirlpool dryer af code – How to Fix?

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I was doing my laundry today, and my Whirlpool dryer showed an AF error code on the screen. Whirlpool dryer error codes are common and have had a few in the past with the same dryer. However, this was the first time I was experiencing the Whirlpool dryer af code. Fun to me, my dryer kept on running just fine, despite showing the error code on the screen. 

This got me a little worried, but I was down to business with extensive Whirlpool dryer troubleshooting information online. There is a lot of information on how to fix af a dryer. I know Whirlpool has an equipped dryer with error codes. The codes alert you in case something goes wrong.

So, how do you fix a Whirlpool dryer af code? An AF (Restricted Air Flow) error code is an indication of low airflow. The lint or screen might be clogged. Either the vent has suffered due to many turns or has been crushed. The dryer keeps on running with the error code present. You can touch any key and clear the error code. The display turns to the remaining estimated time for the cycle.

I understand your frustration as the dryer might be taking too long to dry clothes. Luckily for you, I will discuss the af error code problems and how to troubleshoot them.

Common Problems Of Whirlpool Dryer AF Code

Problems Of Whirlpool Dryer AF Code

As we’ve seen earlier, the AF error code indicates restricted airflow. Unlike the Whirlpool dryer F01 error code where the dryer will not run, the dryer keeps running on the AF error code. The main problems with the AF code are:

  1. Clothes taking too long to dry
  2. Clothes being hotter than normal at the end of the cycle
  3. Dryer exterior getting hot
  4. Burnt smell
  5. Exhaust vent flapper opening minimally

If it was a whirlpool dryer PF code, then you just need to reset the dryer by restarting it. Generally, there are two major causes.

1. Lint Screen

The first cause is a crushed or clogged lint screen. This is the first thing to check after clearing the AF error code. The lint screen is easily accessible and quite easy to clean. Check the lint for any signs of crushes. What about dust, dirt, and debris? Clogged lint on a Whirlpool dryer causes restricted airflow in the dryer. This brings the AF code to warn you of reduced drying.

2. Ventilation System

Next, you need to examine the ventilation system. It is a little trick to check, but if the problem is not the lint, it is the ventilation system. Are there any kinked or bent sections? The ventilation system turns a lot during the drying cycle and can develop crushes, bents, or kinks.

What about the ventilation system from the dryer to the wall and the outside hood? If the ventilation system is not working correctly, then the dryer will show the AF code.

Typically, the dryer’s ventilation system should be installed within the set-out requirement in the manual. Make sure the lengths of the ventilation are maintained as shown in the manual.

3. Other

If the lint and the ventilation systems are working fine, you need to consider other likely causes.

Step By Step Solution to Whirlpool Dryer AF Error Code

Troubleshooting and fixing most whirlpool Cabrio dryer diagnostic codes involves simple set-out steps. You can refer to the manual or read more about whirlpool dryer error codes online. While you can touch any key and clear the error code from the display, the dryer will still take a long period to dry clothes. Removing the error only returns the screen to the estimated remaining time. 

However, the underlying problem of slow clothes drying will continue. You can solve the AF dryer error code through the following steps.

1. Cleaning Out The Dryer Lint Screen

Excessive lint on the screen can obstruct airflow and lead to an AF error code, as discussed earlier. Dryers work by pulling in the fresh air and expelling humidity from the fabrics. Open the dryer casing and remove the lint screen. The lint screen is easily accessible and easy to remove. As a rule, always unplug the dryer before starting any repair process for safety reasons.

You need to clear any dirt, dust, and debris on the lint screen. Make sure the lint screen is clean. You can vacuum the entire lint trap housing. Finish the process by reinstalling it back and starting the cycle again.  If there was a lot of debris clogging the lint screen, the drying cycle should run smoothly without the error code showing.

However, if the AF error code persists, you must move to the following cause and check the vent system.

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2. Repairing/Fixing/Replacing The Ventilation System

The first step is making sure the ventilation system is working fine from the dryer to the wall. Check vent light on whirlpool dryer and ensure it is working fine. Start by cleaning out the vent. Is there any dirt between the dryer vent and wall? If yes, then clean it.

When drying clothes, some lint might pass to the ductwork on the outdoor vent leading to the AF error code. While the lint filter is supposed to catch lint from clothes, it cannot catch everything. The vent system can be cleaned through the following steps:

  1. Disconnect the dryer ductwork
  2. Insert a lint remover brush into the ductwork
  3. Sweep it clean by rotating it round
  4. Pull out the brush and clean the head
  5. Repeat the process
  6. Clean any dirt on the vent cap at both ends
  7. Re-attach the ductwork

In some cases, you might need to replace the ductwork depending on its current state. Every part of the ductwork must be concealed with rigid metal. Make sure you seal any duct sections permanently with metal foil duct tape. Once everything is in place, push the dryer back in position and restart the cycle.

The AF error code should disappear if the problem was the vent system. The same process can also be done on a Maytag dryer AF code, as the problem is always the restricted airflow.

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After trying these two solutions, your Whirlpool dryer should be running smoothly without displaying the AF error code. If the problem is still there, try and run a ‘timed dry’ heated cycle. Restarting the dryer as done with the whirlpool dryer f70 code solves the problem. If everything fails, then you need to hire a professional technician. However, most will follow the same processes we’ve done above.

Frequently Asked Questions

1. What do you do when your dryer Says AF?

A dryer showing AF on display is an indication of improper airflow. This can be due to a clogged lint screen or vent system. You need to clear the code and clean the lint screen and ventilation system. The vent system needs to meet the recommended number of elbows and lengths.

2. Why does my Cabrio dryer say AF?

The AF error code on a Cabrio dryer shows that the dryer does not have good airflow. The lint in the drum will not be drawn to the lint filter due to poor air circulation. You can touch any key and clear the error code. Cleaning the lint screen and dryer vent should solve the problem.

3. Why does my dryer say vent sensor?

A vent sensor on your dryer indicates the dryer vent needs cleaning. It is a sensor icon that shows a blockage on the exhaust vent. In most dryers, the dryer vent light blinks during or at the end of the cycle. You need to clean the dryer vent before fixing any issues.

4. What does F1 mean on a Whirlpool dryer?

A Whirlpool F1 error code shows the instability of the wires going to the central module. The wires might have an opening or are generally unstable. This usually causes a miscommunication between the control board and the entire machine. Fixing it involves checking for any loose wires and tightening them. You can also replace the entire control board.

5. What does the code AF mean on a Kenmore dryer?

The AF code on a Kenmore dryer means restricted airflow. It is the same error code found in Whirlpool dryers to show poor air circulation in the dryer. You can clear the error code for the current cycle, but it keeps showing for the following cycles. Checking for lint screen and vent blockage and helping solve the problem.


Still worried about how to fix the whirlpool dryer af code? The AF dryer error code needs immediate fixing to avoid further damage to your dryer. The Whirlpool dryer AF code can slow the drying process, cause overheating, a burnt smell, poor exhaust vent opening, and much more. After clearing the error code, go ahead and check the cause of the issue before fixing it. I’ve shared common causes and how you can effectively fix them.

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