whirlpool dryer making grinding noise

whirlpool dryer making grinding noise – How to Fix?

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My whirlpool dryer has been serving pretty well for a long time. While I was drying my clothes in it, I found my whirlpool dryer making grinding noise. I became tensed at first because the noise was so loud and disturbing. So, I turned off the machine and tried to figure out what had gone wrong.

Checking the outer body, I decided to go inside the inner part investigation. And that’s where I found the fault. I saw a coin get stuck to the blower, and the sound was coming every time the blower wheel collided with it.

Solving the issue, I looked more into the matter to restrain future issues. Let’s discuss the whirlpool gas dryer making a grinding noise in detail today.

Reasons why the whirlpool dryer making grinding noise

Any hampering or defectiveness in the machine of a dryer might cause your whirlpool dryer to make noise while tumbling. Not only the parts but also the associate parts also cause this. Looking over the issue deeply, here are the significant reasons you hear your whirlpool dryer making noise.

  1. Wear or Tear Idler Pulley
  2. Broken Drive Belt
  3. Defected Blower Wheel
  4. Faulty Motor

Here is the solution for dryers that make grinding noises

Let’s learn about the problems in detail and the perfect way of restraining the grinding noise coming from your dryer.

Whirlpool Dryer Idler Pulley

1. Wear or Tear Idler Pulley

When your idler pulley is at fault, your device doesn’t execute its functioning normally. Because with the help of the pulley, you get to execute the overall circulations and motions of the drum. To execute the functioning of the drum, the pulley tries its best to put the impact.

When it doesn’t work correctly, the drum doesn’t perform well. As long as it remains broken, you get to hear the tumble dryer making grinding noise. As a result, it becomes difficult for the pulley to sustain enough. The more the sound increases, the more damage it causes to itself.


It is better to change the pulley at once. They are available everywhere and come at an affordable price.

2. Broken Drive Belt

Whirlpool Dryer Broken Drive Belt

Your dryer executions and drums rotations depend entirely on the drive belt. This very belt helps to grab the drum and allows it to rotate in its possible manner. With the passage of time and using the dryer, the belt gets broken or inactive.

It cannot function like usual and makes a whirlpool dryer make vibrating noise. It mainly happens when the belt can’t give more strength in holding and executing the drum to rotate. As a result, you get to hear grinding noises coming from the drive belt.


It is recommended to take action immediately. Because the more it happens, the more there are chances of damaging the whole region. That’s why it is suggested to change the drive belt as fast as possible.

3. Defected Blower Wheel

Any obstacle interrupting the blower wheel will cause the grinding noise coming from it. Because the wheel always keeps on rotating and circulating in its manner. As components like coins, toys, etc., collide with the wheel, you hear the whirlpool dryer making noise when spinning. This usually tends to bring significant issues in the future.

Because when the wheel is going through good stress, you simply cannot expect the function of the dryer in your favor. As a result, you get to see your machine note functioning or drying up like usual times. This issue of making sound goes on to attract other problems as well.


Remove the particles obstructing the flow of the wheels. Also, give cleaning to the surrounding parts of the wheel. If you hear the whirlpool dryer noise during spin again, replace the blower wheel with a new one. Even if you repair the defective one, it will never function as usual and cause you more trouble.

4. Faulty Motor

A faulty motor at times becomes the core of all the issues of your dryer. Because all the parts of the dryer are regulated by the power coming from the motor, and when this motor cannot function properly, you cannot get the usual tasks and goals completed. One of the symptoms of a bad motor is your whirlpool dryer making a loud rumbling noise. The noise sounds so loud that you can hardly concentrate on your work.

Not only that, but the sound is also a sign that your motor requires proper precision and check. This leads your dryer to too many problems whatnot. Even you might find your whirlpool dryer making a clunking noise when excess dust comes on your motor.


As the motor is an expensive machine, it is better to inspect and repair it first. Don’t take this matter into your hand. Instead, find a technician and expert to deal with it perfectly. Even if the issue remains unsolved, try getting a new motor. The price might be excess compared with a new machine. So, at times, consider buying a new machine under such circumstances.

Frequently Asked Questions

1. How does a lousy dryer bearing sound like?

A bad dryer bearing sounds like squealing, grinding, humming, clicking, etc. At times, you might hear breaking noises coming from it.

2.  Is a noisy dryer dangerous?

A noisy dryer indeed is a sign of future danger. Because it happens due to some errors, breakings, or misfunctioning of the machine’s internal parts, if the situation prevails for a good time, it will cause many dangerous problems.

3. How many years does a dryer last?

On average, a dryer lasts for 10-12 years. If you take good care of it, it will last for 15 years and more.

4. How do you know if your dryer is going bad?

If you hear any kind of sound coming from your dryer, it shows that your dryer is going bad. Mis-commanding and error codes also show that your dryer needs maintenance and checking.

5.  What does it sound like when a dryer belt breaks?

When your dryer belt breaks, it produces grinding noises.


By now, you must have known the cause of your whirlpool dryer making grinding noise. Without a trace of worrying, solve the issue with a relaxed and calm mind. Make sure your work on the parts by keeping the connection off. Such a fantastic machine, like a whirlpool dryer, should never be a cause of worry. So, stay tuned to get more solutions for the machine and keep on enjoying it. 

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