Whirlpool Dryer Making Noise

whirlpool dryer making noise – How to Fix?

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My family and I got the best out of the whirlpool dryer. It has served us so nicely that our daily productivity reached an excellent stage. But one day, we found our whirlpool dryer making noise. It was different kinds of noises like rumbling, knocking, squealing, etc. We became worried, and I decided to look at the situation.

Going through the machine, I experienced that it was the internal parts making the sounds. As none of them were damaging the machine’s health but parts’, we became assured from accidents.

So, it observed the parts and worked on them. Most of the sounds got resolved, while others were still heard. Getting no clue, it got the technician. He decided on the rest and replaced some damaged parts with new ones.

Thus, I got my dryer fully active, working calmly. I would be delighted to share the experience with you. You’ll gain a lot of information from the article.

The 5 reasons why whirlpool dryer making noise

The dryer is a compassionate thing to maintain. Because once you see your whirlpool dryer stuck on sensing, you need to be aware of further problems. This brings you to the fact that more or less, no issues should be taken lightly, not even the whirlpool dryer making vibrating noise. Because it mainly causes different parts of the machine which later on tends to be broken or damaged.

That’s why, looking over the whole problem, I got several upcoming and possible issues that might produce sounds from every dryer out there. You need to check out different parts and areas in the machine to make sure you are getting the best solution. Mostly, the reasons whirlpool dryer makes screeching noises are:

  1. Damaged Rear Drum Bearing
  2. Worn Rollers
  3. Jammed Blower Wheel
  4. Broken Gliders
  5. Detached Drum Belt

As the dryer parts are the main reason behind such noises, I went through them. And guess what, I succeeded in fixing the whirlpool dryer, making noise perfectly. In this article, you’ll be getting all the solutions regarding all kinds of noise issues from the whirlpool dryer. Without any further explanations, let’s move ahead.

Tools for fixing the Noisy Whirlpool Dryer

For fixing the noise issues, you’ll be needing different tools. These tools will assist you greatly in solving your whirlpool dryer noise while tumbling. A brief research and experiment resulted in the following tools being perfect for resolving noise coming from the whirlpool dryer.

How to Fix a whirlpool Noisy Dryer

First, we resolve the parts that are engaged in producing noise from the whirlpool dryer. Then, we’ll move on to the kinds of noise and work on their origin.

1. Damaged Rear Drum Bearing

The rear drum bearing of the whirlpool dryer is situated at the back. It holds the central drum to perform its activities properly. A center spindles are inserted in the machine that keeps the device performing its activities. When you use the machine for a long time, the bearing starts to lose its durability.

This results in a weak approach in keeping the central shaft uplifted and results in your whirlpool dryer making a loud noise. It makes the whirlpool dryer not spin. As a result, the bearing screeches, and you get to hear noises from your machine. Usually, the sound is quite familiar with knocking or rattling.


A broken bearing can never be repaired. The only solution would be to get a new one that suits perfectly for the purpose.

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2. Worn Rollers

Different dryers have rollers or drum bearings. Rollers help your dryer drum to revolve accordingly. It’s the same task for both the parts, which is operating the drum. Mostly, the rollers are small wheel-like parts. They help the drum to regulate the rotations accordingly. Slight damage on the roller makes the whirlpool dryer not start. Not only that, it screeches and starts to make rumbling noises.


The best solution for resolving the problem is to make the replacement of the roller. Because the rollers are so small in size that you can hardly fix and use them again usually, they come in sets, and using all of them in a single batch will elevate your machine’s service.

3. Jammed Blower Wheel

The main task of the blower wheel is to bring in the air inside the machine. The heating elements of the device become cooler and get more relaxation with the help of the blower. There can be many reasons for the whirlpool dryer making screeching noise coming from the blower wheel. The prime reason stands to be the clogging of the wheel with different things. You’ll see your whirlpool dryer not heating then. This makes the wheel malfunction, and it generates the whirlpool dryer making a clicking noise.


Inspect the whole area of the blower wheel. Clean it with the help of a white or soft towel. Even if it makes other noises, contact the technician and send it for maintenance.

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4. Broken Gliders

Gliders protect the edge of the dryer and keep it aloof from scrapping the cabinet’s slides. They are made up of nylon or plastic. Usually, they form a good partition between the drum and cabinet. With the usage of the dryer, your gliders become weaker. When they cannot uphold their functions, they start becoming thin and deteriorate. Thus, you get to hear the whirlpool dryer making loud rumbling noises continuously.


The most recommended solution would be to replace the glider instantly. Because with a fixed glider, you won’t be able to generate the machine’s service much further. Get a new one and make the best out of it.

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5. Detached Drum Belt

The drum belt circles around the drum of the machine. Usually, the drum belt is made up of rubber. It generates the drum to rotate ideally by binding all over it. Using the drum belt continuously for a long time makes it weaker. As a result, it starts to depart from the surface of the drum and cannot generate more rotations from it. At times, it even slips from its position. This creates a screech in the machine, and you get to hear your whirlpool dryer squealing noise coming after turning on the dryer.


First, inspect the belt properly. If needed, consult an expert who can deal with it wisely. If the belt is okay and dislocated only, you can fix it to its usual position and use it further. But, if the belt is broken, you need to replace the whole belt and get a new one.

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Frequently Asked Questions

1. How do you fix a noisy whirlpool dryer?

The first thing to fix a noisy whirlpool roller is to check its rollers and bearings properly. Check the drum rollers and belts. Also, make sure the glides are also correct in place.

2. Why is my dryer making a loud rumbling noise?

Your dryer is making rumbling noises because your drum roller is damaged or worn out. Also, it happens when your roller is at work for a long time at a stretch.

3. Why is my dryer so loud all of a sudden?

When your drum rollers and axles become damaged, you’ll experience your dryer becoming loud all of a sudden. At times, the malfunctioning dryer supports the noise.

4. Is a noisy dryer dangerous?

A noisy dryer won’t cause any kind of accident. But it won’t serve you properly either. Your machine won’t be giving its 100% when it is generating noises. It is the outcome of the damaged parts, which is hampering the device significantly.

5. What does a lousy dryer motor sound like?

A bad dryer motor sounds like a whirlpool dryer making a loud grinding noise. At times, you can hear rumbling sounds from it, just like a worn roller.

6. How do I know if my Whirlpool dryer motor is bad?

You’ll know the motor is terrible when you see your whirlpool dryer making a rattling noise. To check the condition of your dryer’s motor, take the help of the multimeter. Set the level of the multimeter at the lower stage and take the reading at 2 and 1 of the engine. If the condition of the motor is good, it should be below 1. If it is terrible, the reading will be infinite. 

7. How do I stop my dryer from making noise?

To stop your dryer from making noise, you need to check the parts responsible for it. Fix them if possible and send them to the technician. If they are not repairable, replace them with a new position.

8. How much does it cost to replace an engine dryer?

The approximate cost of replacing an engine dryer is around $200.

9. Is it worth replacing the dryer motor?

The price of the dryer motor is around $250-$450. If the dryer motor costs more than half of your duet dryer, it is not wise to get one.

10. Is it worth fixing a dryer?

If your dryer ages less than four years, then it is worth fixing it. Also, you shouldn’t spend more than $400 on its maintenance. Because with another $400, you can get a superb functioning brand new dryer.


Solving your whirlpool dryer making noise is no more a big deal now. You can work on it relentlessly now, following the instructions. Even if you see a new whirlpool dryer making noise, just implement our guide accordingly. If you are not able to resolve the parts, consult with the experts. Replacing the region will give you the best solution to the whirlpool dryer, making clunking noise for a long time.

The overall discussion even stands for the whirlpool Cabrio dryer making noise. Get the points and arguments in the proper manner. Wait till we bring you more exciting articles regarding the whirlpool duet dryers. 

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