Whirlpool Dryer Not Heating

11 Major Reasons Your whirlpool dryer not heating (Solved)

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Before I bought my dryer, I took suggestions from my friends. They told me to go for a Whirlpool dryer and I bought one. Everything seemed fine until one day, I noticed my whirlpool dryer was not heating. I was so disturbed then. But I decided to take things into my hands. I tried different whirlpool dryer troubleshooting to solve the issue.

I researched and tried different fixes. Guess what? I succeeded. So I thought of writing an article about it so that I can help you guys. Now, you may ask why is the Whirlpool dryer not heating up at all? Whether you’re using a gas or electric dryer, the most common reasons behind the heating issue of your dryer are-

  1. Blown circuit breaker
  2. Cut-off fuse
  3. Bad heating element
  4. Defective thermostat
  5. Faulty igniter
  6. Clogged vent or lint screen

Hey! That’s not all. I’ve more causes on the list regarding the heating issue. And obviously, with the solutions. So without further ado, let’s jump in.

Why Doesn’t the Whirlpool Dryer Heat Up?

Whirlpool Dryer Not Heat Up

When your new Whirlpool dryer is not heating, it wastes a lot of energy, and your clothes don’t dry. Even the old dryer does the same. Here’s a list of problems that are responsible for the heating problem:

  1. Clogged lint screen
  2. Clogged vent
  3. Overload dryer
  4. Extremely wet clothes
  5. Faulty timer
  6. Faulty thermostat
  7. Blown circuit breaker
  8. Burnt out heating element
  9. Burnt igniter
  10. Faulty flame sensor
  11. Defective gas valve solenoid

So, you already know what’s preventing your dryer from heating. It’s time to fix the problem and know the details. 

Required Tools For Whirlpool dryer troubleshooting

Before jumping into fixing, your first job is to read the Whirlpool dryer troubleshooting manual. If you start fixing blindly, you may make the situation even worse. That’s why you need to read the troubleshooting manual carefully. You’ll need the following tools for carrying out the troubleshooting:

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The solution to Why Whirlpool Dryer Not Heating

In most cases, when people find out the dryer isn’t drying the clothes, they think the dryer isn’t heating up at all. But actually, this is what happens-

  1. Whirlpool dryer not heating all the time
  2. Whirlpool dryer not heating or shutting off
  3. Whirlpool dryer not heating on timed dry
  4. The dryer runs but is not heating up enough
  5. The dryer heats up but fails to dry the clothes

You can quickly get rid of the most common problems, and the procedures won’t be lengthy. The real problem appears when you see the malfunction of components. 

1. Clogged Lint Screen

When your Whirlpool dryer not heating up enough, you should check the lint screen. The lint screen stores the lint and debris. When the lint screen fills up, it prevents the dryer from heating up properly. As a result, your clothes remain wet. Moreover, a full lint screen can lead to a severe fire hazard. 

Step by Step Solution for Clogged Lint Screen

The overall process is so easy; just go through the following table:

Step No.Instructions
Step 1Pull out the lint screen
Step 2Clean the lint with your hands
Step 3For intensive cleaning, apply soap and warm water 
Step 4Use a brush to clean the lint
Step 5When the lint screen dries, reinstall it in the dryer
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2. Clogged Vent

When you figure out your dryer is running but doesn’t heat up, there might be technical issues like the thermostat not working correctly. I’ll get into that, but first, you should check the vent. Because when the vent is clogged, the dryer fails to produce heat properly. 

Step by Step Solution for Clogged Vent

Step No.Instructions
Step 1Turn off the power or gas supply
Step 2Look for the twist, bent, crush in the vent pipe
Step 3Move the dryer away from the wall and remove the vent pipe
Step 4Clean the debris and lint from the vent pipe with a long extension vacuum or a brush
Step 5Move the dryer to its previous position and plug it on and enable the gas supply
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3. Overload Dryer

Did you find out your dryer is heating, but the clothes are still wet? I think the primary cause behind this is you overload the dryer drum. Well, a dryer comes with a specific capacity. If you load the dryer with too many clothes, its maximum capacity may exceed. As a result, your dryer gets less space to circulate air, and the clothes don’t dry.

Solution for Overload Dryer

Actually, it’s not a problem at all. Just don’t fill the dryer with too many clothes. Leave 25% space free so that the air can circulate and the dryer can operate adequately. 

4. Extremely Wet Clothes

When you put extremely wet clothes in the dryer, your dryer won’t spin properly. Your clothes won’t get dry. Because of the excess water draining from the clothes, your dryer might stop working in the middle of drying.

Solution for Extremely Wet Clothes

Don’t put highly wet clothes in the dryer. Yes, it’s as simple as that. Before inserting clothes into the dryer, keep them in the washing machine and run a spin cycle. Hopefully, you’ll get rid of the extra water. 

5. Faulty Timer 

It’s an unusual case when you find out your Whirlpool dryer not heating and the timer not working. The malfunction of the timer results in different consequences that vary from model to model. For instance,

  1. The dryer won’t proceed with the cycle
  2. The dryer keeps heating until it becomes too hot
  3. Not heating at all

To find out if your timer is gone wrong and solve the issue, you should go for the following steps:

Solution for Faulty Timer

Step No.Instructions
Step 1Disconnect the dryer from the power source or gas supply
Step 2Remove the timer control knob and get into the panel
Step 3Use a multimeter (set to ohm) to check the continuity
Step 4The infinity reading of the multimeter indicates that your timer is faulty.
Step 5Move the dryer so that you can get access to the back panel
Step 6Now unscrew and remove the back panel of your dryer using a ¼ inch nut driver 
Step 7Remove the timer. Before removing the timer, don’t forget to take a photo of the wires attached to the dryer. You need the location of the cables when you reattach the cables.
Step 8Install the new timer, attach the screws and wires properly
Step 9Reassemble the back panel firmly
Step 10Reinstall the knob and move it back to its position
Step 11Reconnect the dryer to the electric or gas supply
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6. Faulty Thermostat

There are at least 2 thermostats in the whirlpool dryer. However, it varies from model to model. The two types of thermostats are- 

  1. High limit thermostat (commonly known as a thermal fuse, we’ll use this term in further discussions)
  2. Cycling thermostat 

Thermal Fuse (High Limit thermostat)

You’ll find the thermal fuse at the dryer’s heating source (on electric models) or blower housing (on gas models). Manufacturers use a thermal fuse to protect the dryer from overheating and catching fire. It’s a safety device. When the dryer’s temperature exceeds a certain level in the latest models, the thermal fuse cuts off, and the dryer doesn’t work.

On the other hand, the older model dryers operate but don’t produce heat. Whirlpool dryer thermostat reset depends on the model. However, when you think the thermal fuse is blown or tripped, you need to replace it. Here’s how to fix the issue:

Solution For Faulty Thermal Fuse

Step No.Instructions
Step 1Unplug the dryer 
Step 2Disconnect the vent
Step 3Move the dryer from the wall so that you can get access to its back. 
Step 4Read the manual to locate the correct position of the thermal fuse. Mostly you’ll find it on the rear panel 
Step 5Now remove the mounting screws with a nut driver from the rear access panel
Step 6Locate the thermal fuse
Step 7Remove the screws and wires attaching to the fuse
Step 8Pull out the faulty thermal fuse
Step 9Install a new thermal fuse
Step 10 Now reattach the wires and screws.
Step 11Reassemble the back panel
Step 12Move the dryer back to its position
Step 13Continue the power supply
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Defective Cycling Thermostat

If the thermal fuse isn’t responsible, why is your Whirlpool front load dryer not heating? Probably it’s the cycling thermostat. The most important job of a cycling thermostat is to turn on and off the heating element. Also, it monitors the temperature of the blower housing.

When your front load Whirlpool dryer not heating, you can assume that the cycling thermostat might be defective. However, a defective cycling thermostat is a rare case behind the heating issue. You can check it through a multimeter.

Set the multimeter to ohm and check whether the meter shows an infinity reading, then there must be a problem. You need to replace it. Here’s the solution:

Solution For Defective Cycling Thermostat

Mostly the process is the same as replacing the thermal fuse. Still, I’m providing a quick step by step solution:

Step No.Instructions
Step 1Turn off the electricity or gas supply
Step 2Remove the vent
Step 3Move the dryer so that you can get access to its rear panel
Step 4Remove all the mounting screws from the back panel to get access
Step 5Now locate the cycling thermostat (usually you’ll find it beneath the thermal fuse)
Step 6Remove the cables attaching to the cycling thermostat
Step 7Now install the new cycling thermostat and reattach the cables
Step 8Reassemble the rear panel and connect the vent
Step 9 Move the dryer back to its position and turn on the electricity or gas supply
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7. Blown Circuit Breaker or Inadequate Power Supply

Whirlpool Dryer Power Supply

When the electric whirlpool dryer not heating, it might be because of the tripped circuit breaker. Most dryers need 2 circuit breakers (30 amp circuit on both sides of the line) to work efficiently. The job of circuit breakers is specific. One circuit breaker is for operating the dryer, and another one is for the heating element. If one circuit breaker blows, your dryer will receive 120 volts. It means the dryer will only be able to operate but can’t produce heat. Your dryer requires 240 volts for proper functioning.


Sometimes the circuit breaker gets turned off; turning it on can do the job. But if your circuit breaker is blown or tripped, you need to replace it. Before that, don’t forget to check the voltage with a multimeter. However, dealing with electric wires is extremely dangerous. I won’t suggest you do it on your own. Call an electrician to replace the circuit breaker. Still, if you want to do it, the risk is yours.

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8. Burnt out Heating Element

When your Cabrio whirlpool dryer not heating, a burnt-out or faulty heating element could be responsible for this. A heating element is a metal chamber that consists of a coil of wires. When electricity passes through it, the coils heat up. As a result, the hot air flows to the dryer drum, and your clothes become dry.

When the heating element becomes defective, it fails to generate heat. Anyway, before replacing the heating element, check for burnt wires in the coil. For further confirmation, you can check the heating element with a multimeter. 

Solution For Burnt out Heating Element

If you’re sure it’s the faulty heating element, here’s the step by step process to replace it:

Step No.Instructions
Step 1Unplug the dryer
Step 2Remove the vent
Step 3Move the dryer so that you can get access to its back access panel
Step 4Remove all the screws holding the back panel with a nut driver
Step 5Locate the position of the heating element
Step 6Disconnect the wires connecting to the heating element
Step 7Remove the faulty heating element
Step 8Install the new heating element
Step 9Reconnect the wires
Step 10Reassemble the back panel 
Step 11Reattach the vent
Step 12Move the dryer back to its position
Step 13Turn on the power supply and run a test to see whether the dryer is heating
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9. Burnt Ignitor (For Gas Models)

The gas dryer needs an igniter to produce heat, and the heat ignites the gas. If your gas whirlpool dryer not heating, the igniter is the primary thing you should check. A failed igniter looks white or yellow and might be broken. Also, don’t forget to check the igniter with the multimeter. Now, check the following instructions to replace the igniter.

Solution For Burnt Ignitor

Step No.Instructions 
Step 1Unplug the power cord and stop the gas supply
Step 2Remove the 2 screws that are holding the lint screen to the top panel  
Step 3To release the spring clip, insert a putty knife under the lid (mostly left and right edges)
Step 4Lift the front of the control panel and turn it away from the dryer top (a few dryers contain a lower front access panel, in some cases, you need to remove that too) 
Step 5Detach the door switch cables
Step 6Once you detach the control panel, take a picture or write down the arrangement of cables connecting to the motor and pulley  
Step 7Push the pulley to the right to release the driver belt tension
Step 8Take out the drive belt from the pulley and motor shaft
Step 9Remove the drum from the dryer and keep it aside
Step 10Now you’ll find the igniter on the burner tube. 
Step 11Remove the screws securing the igniter
Step 12Now install the new igniter in the same manner as the previous one. Don’t handle the new igniter with bare hands. Use gloves to prevent the igniter from failing early 
Step 13Reinstall the drum
Step 14Reassemble the front panel
Step 15Turn on the power and gas supply 
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10. Faulty Flame Sensor (For Gas Models)

You’ll find a flame sensor in your Whirlpool dryer. The flame sensor detects the heat that comes from the igniter or burner flame. It allows the gas valve to open. If you think the igniter lights up but the gas valve isn’t opening, probably it’s the flame sensor.

A faulty flame sensor stops the heat from reaching inside the dryer drum. It results in the whirlpool dryer not heating all the time. Unplug your dryer and check for continuity. If the reading shows infinity, your flame sensor has broken. You need to replace it.

Solution For Faulty Flame Sensor

To access the flame sensor, you need to remove the front access panel and dryer drum. Follow steps 1 to 11 that I mentioned above to replace the burnt igniter, and then you’ll get access to the flame sensor on the burner tube. Install a new flame sensor and reassemble the parts. Turn on the power and gas supply, that’s all.  

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11. Defective Gas Valve Solenoid (For Gas Models)

In gas dryers, you’ll see two or more gas valve solenoids. The gas valve receives power from the igniter and flame sensor circuit. This enables the valve to open and allows heat to enter the burner. Then the gas ignites, and the dryer is heated. When your dryer’s gas valve solenoid gets defective, the dryer will fail to heat. To ensure the defect, first, check the igniter. If the igniter sparks and the flame vanishes immediately, your gas valve solenoid becomes faulty. You need to replace the gas valve solenoids to fix the heating issue. 

Solution For Defective Gas Valve Solenoid

Step No.Instructions
Step 1Turn off the power and gas supply
Step 2Remove the lint screen
Step 3Remove the screws and raise the top panels
Step 4Remove the front panel and keep it aside
Step 5 Now the gas valve solenoids are visible to you. Detach the wires and screws from the gas valve coils
Step 6Now install a new gas valve solenoid
Step 7Reassemble the top, front panel
Step 8Continue the power and gas supply
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Frequently Asked Questions

1. What causes a Whirlpool dryer not to heat up?

The common causes behind whirlpool dryers not heating up are:

1. Blown circuit breaker
2. Cut-off fuse
3. Bad heating element
4. Defective thermostat
5. Faulty igniter

2. How do you fix a Whirlpool dryer that is not heating?

Firstly identify the problem starting from the power supply. Then check different components with a multimeter to figure out which part is faulty.

3. Why is my dryer running but not heating?

When your dryer runs but doesn’t heat up, there might be several reasons. The common causes are a clogged vent, blown thermal fuse, faulty heating element, a defective thermostat, burnt igniter, etc.

4. How do I test my dryer for not heating?

Firstly check the power and gas supply line. Then look for clogs in the vents. Lastly, check the components with a multimeter.

5. How do I know if my thermal fuse is blown?

Use a multimeter to know whether your thermal fuse is blown. Set the multimeter to ohm. Place the test leads of the multimeter on the terminal points of the fuse. If the reading doesn’t show zero, the fuse is faulty or blown.


By now, you’ve already come to know why the whirlpool dryer not heating and how to fix that. I’ve tried to show every possible reason and troubleshoot. However, I wanted to help you by sharing my experience. Let me know what causes I missed. I’ll try to cover that.  

Trust me; you can troubleshoot the heating problem on your own like me. Still, if you’re unsure or find it complicated, don’t hesitate to call a professional. Lastly, don’t forget to read the manual and follow safety precautions before performing any troubleshooting. 

For now, I’m signing off. Adios!

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