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Whirlpool dryer PF code – How to Fix?

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For a long time, my Whirlpool dryer has served me well. However, this morning, the dryer indicates a Whirlpool dryer PF code every time I try using it. I’m considering replacing it with a new one. However, the cost of a new Whirlpool dryer is something I cannot afford right now. I had to call a repairman, and my dryer is currently working perfectly.

I did spend a few bucks but just realized this is something I would have solved myself. This is why I’m writing this post. I want to share with you common Whirlpool dryer error codes and how to fix them.

So, how do you troubleshoot a Whirlpool dryer PF code? The PF error codes stand for a power failure. Typically, the drying cycle is interrupted by a power failure. You can fix it by pressing the start button and holding it to restart the cycle. Additionally, you can cancel the error code by pressing the cancel button. Also, check the dryer wall plug connections and house wiring. If the problem is persistent, you need to consider replacing the mainboard.

I don’t regret calling a professional service. However, I don’t want you to do the same on something you can fix at home. In this post, I will discuss common Whirlpool dryer troubleshooting. I hope the post will help you avoid unnecessary expenses on your Whirlpool dryer.

Common Problems Due to the Whirlpool Dryer PF Code

Problems Due to the Whirlpool Dryer PF Code

As noted earlier, the pf error code on a Whirlpool dryer or a PF code on Kenmore dryer is a result of a power failure. It simply means the main control lost power. This can happen due to various reasons. Power surges are the main cause of Whirlpool and Maytag dryer PF code problems. Below are some of the main causes of the pf error code.

  1. Power outage
  2. Poor wall plug connection
  3. Damage to the main control board

1. Power Outage

A pf error code can happen during a power outage. This is likely especially if there is more than the usual voltage detected. Higher voltages can break and damage fuses on the dryer. A blown or tripped fuse can lead to a pf error code on your Whirlpool dryer. If the pf error code occurs just after a power failure, then the power failure is the likely cause.

2. Poor Wall Plug Connection

In some instances, the error code can occur due to loose wall plug connections. Are the dryer plug prongs properly tightened to the wall socket? Follow the power cord from the wall socket to the main control. The cord should also not have breaks. If there are loose connections to the main control board, then the error code can appear.

If everything looks good, then consider checking your home wiring. You need to make sure there is a power supply to the main socket of the dryer. If everything looks good up to this stage, then we move to the next most likely cause.

3. Damage To The Main Control Board

Once you’re sure the power reaches the dryer and the pf error code is still persistent, the problem could be the main control board. It is worth noting that this is different from the whirlpool dryer F70 code, which is a communication error between the mainboard and the user interface board.

There can be several issues with the main control board to cause the error. For example, the motor relay on the board might be dropping the voltage to the motor. If there happen to be internal failures with your main control board, then the display will show a Whirlpool dryer F01 which is different from the pf error code.

The pf error code only shows power failures in the unit. As we’ve seen, this power failure can be on the cord, wall socket, or the main control board. A small component on the main control board causes the power failure or the entire main control board.

Step By Step Solution To Fix Whirlpool Dryer PF Error Code

Fixing most Whirlpool dryer error codes involves steps where you troubleshoot the errors. If the errors persist, you might end up replacing damaged parts. Below are steps to fix the pf error code on Whirlpool dryers.

1. Restarting The Dryer Cycle

In case of a power failure due to a power outage, you can fix the code by restarting the dryer.

  1. First, press and hold the start button until the drying cycle restarts
  2. Secondly, you can press down the power button to clear the error code
  3. If the error was due to a power failure, the error code should disappear

However, if the problem persists, you need to move to the next step below.

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2. Check The Dryer Power Connection

The dryer power cord should be well connected and allow power to flow. Look at the dryer plug prongs. Are they tightened to the wall socket? You need to fix loose connections by tightening the prongs to the wall socket. In addition, make sure there are no breaks on the power cord.

Lastly, make sure the power cord is well connected to the main control board. Loose connections around the main control board can cause the pf error code. If the problem persists, then move to the last step below.

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3. Replacing/repairing The Main Control Board

This is the final step to follow and will likely fix the issue. If this step does not fix the error code, then you need to call for a technician. Follow these steps to replace your main control board:

  1. As a precaution, always unplug the dryer from the main socket
  2. You will need a screwdriver, a small flat screwdriver, and a nut driver
  3. Loosen the screws at the back of the dryer and remove the panel covering the main control board
  4. Take a screenshot of how the control board is connected for future reference
  5. Unplug the control board wiring and remove it. You can always refer to your manual
  6. Remove the control board from the mounting bracket
  7. Place the new control board on the mounting bracket and screw it
  8. Refer to the picture you took early and connect the wire plugs back to the new control board
  9. Connect the control board back to the console and close the panel
  10. Secure the cover with screws

Now that you’re done, you can plug the dryer back and see if the error code has disappeared and the dryer is working properly. These three steps should fix any pf dryer error codes. If up to this stage the error code is persistent, then call for professional help.

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Frequently Asked Questions

1. What is a PF code on a Whirlpool dryer?

A pf code on a Whirlpool dryer is an indication of power failure. The error code shows that the dryer has encountered a power failure while running. It is a common problem when there is a power outage, poor power cord connections, or a power issue on the control board.

2. How do you fix the PF code on a dryer?

You can fix the PF code on a dryer by simply pressing the start button for a few seconds. This helps restart the dryer. You can also use the cancel/pause button to clear the error code. If the error code is still there, check the power cord for any misconnections. Finally, you can replace the main control board if the error persists.

3. What does it mean when the dryer says PF?

When the dryer says PF, the flow of electricity to the dryer has been interrupted. This can be due to power outages or blown circuit breakers. A failure on the main control board that affects power relays can also cause the problem.

4. How do you reset a Whirlpool dryer?

You can reset a Whirlpool dryer by pressing the start buttons for a few seconds. This restarts the dryer. This should reset and restart the dryer. If the dryer does not restart, then change to a new cycle and press the start button again for a few seconds.


A Whirlpool dryer pf code can be frustrating, especially when you have lots of laundry to clean. However, this does not mean piling laundry and waiting for a technician. You can troubleshoot and fix most Whirlpool dryer error codes by following simple steps. This is the same with the pf error code caused by a power failure. 

The error code can appear due to a power failure, disconnected power, or problems with the main control board. However, you can fix them by resetting the dryer, checking your power connection, and replacing the main control board. Start with a simple dryer reset and check the power connection before replacing the main control board.

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